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MV Agusta originally began as an offshoot of the Agusta aviation company formed by Count Giovanni Agusta in 1923. Count Vincenzo Agusta together with his brother Domenico formed MV Agusta at the end of the Second World War as a means of saving the jobs of employees of the Agusta firm and also to fill the post-war need for cheap, efficient transportation. The acronym MV stands for Meccanica (mechanics) Verghera, the hamlet where the first MVs were made.

On 17 August 2011 the long-standing company CEO, Claudio Castiglioni, the heart and soul of MV Agusta, sadly passed away after a long struggle against illness. His leadership resulted in the design and production of some of the most famous bikes in the world and produced an unparalleled string of great Italian racing victories. Today the company is headed by his son, Giovanni Castiglioni.

In conjunction with manufacturing motorcycles, MV Agusta has a long and proud motorcycle racing heritage and has carried some of motorcycle racing’s greatest names to victory. Between 1948 and 1976 MV Agusta motorcycles won over 3000 races and 63 World Championships.

So why do Prestige Motorcycles choose to partner with MV Agusta? Well, it’s quite simple really. MV Agusta motorcycles offer high performance with superb handling, make ferocious sounds, and of course the attention to detail on them is quite frankly incomparable. Not forgetting just how impeccably stylish they are – which is why it is one of the most desired motorcycle brands in the world.

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